Samruddhi(Regenerating rural ecosystem)

Regenerating Biodiversity

Agriculture sector contributes 15% to country’s GDP. But farmer’s suicide due to agrarian crisis are plunging the balance between urban and rural economy into chaos. Currently the indebtedness and inability to sell the crop is one of the major reason of farmer’s suicide. The farmers do not get the reasonable price of their product which is increasing the gap between rural development and urban development. Also the country is developing in all sectors but enhancement of farming methodology and empowerment of farmers are still dawdling on graph. Being a climate dependent sector, farming is not only affected by the impact of climate changes, but it's also a significant contributor to global greenhouse gas emissions and climate adversities. The extravagant resource i.e. Land, is available in abundance but is highly underutilised and unorganised. Over 80 per cent farmers in India are small land-holders, owning less than two hectares or less and 60 per cent of the cultivated area. The excess are if turned into green cover can definitely help to improve the degrading ecosystem Agroforestry is seen as a solution for them to meet the challenges of food, employment and environment security. It solves both major issues and gives a stable financial resource to farmer’s and increases green cover as well.
The major objectives of “Project Samrudhi” are as follows:
- To help farmers to increase monetary gains.
- To educate and involve women farmers and widows especially.
- To increase rural green cover and mitigate climate change
Every day we eat and repeat, help us save the backbone of the country, Contribute in farmer’s empowerment.
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