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Plantation Project


Traditional Plantation Methodology: Traditional method of afforestation by maintaining decent space between two trees. We plant 100% indigenous species for better ecology & rich biodiversity of area. Normally traditional plantation allows plantation around 500 trees in an acre and this is suitable for urban as well as rural areas.

Miyawaki Forest

Miyawaki Forest Methodology: Miyawaki is a technique pioneered by Japanese botanist Dr. Akira Miyawaki, that helps build dense, native forests. The approach is supposed to ensure that plant growth is 10 times faster and the resulting plantation is 30 times denser than usual. It involves planting dozens of native species in the same area, and becomes maintenance-free after the first three years. Miyawaki is a world recognized method of afforestation which creates rich biodiversity within first 2 years of plantation.


Agroforestry Methodology: Agroforestry is a land use management system in which trees or shrubs are grown around or among crops or pastureland. This diversification of the farming system initiates an agroecological succession, like that in natural ecosystems, and so starts a chain of events that enhance the functionality and sustainability of the farming system. Trees also produce a wide range of useful and marketable products from fruits/nuts, medicines, wood products, etc.