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About Us

Our Vision

To adopt modern techniques for afforestation, water conservation and other environmental problems, make awareness among the children and youngsters for better and greener tomorrow. Empower the rural economy by doubling farmers income with fruit bearing tree plantations along the betterment of environment.

Our Mission

The goal of our is to address the environmental challenges by adopting a scientific and sustainable approach, propagate indigenous and local species for better ecological impact and rich biodiversity with people participation for better environment and nation building.

Prayas Youth Foundation is a leading environmental organization in Maharashtra working for better environment by adopting modern and scientific techniques of afforestation which is working to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of United Nations, established in 2010 by Mr. Ravi Choudhary along with some NCC cadets. We are not only planting sapling but also converting them into trees by taking proper care on regular basis. Along with green cover management we are also engaged with other environmental activities like Water and Soil Conservation, Save Birds Campaign, Eco Friendly Festival Celebrations, Seeds Collection, Cleaning Drive on Hills, Save Trees Movement, Nature Tour, Scrap Collection, Blood Donation etc.

    Core Values

  • Service Beyond Self

    PYF is founded to serve others. It will conduct its activities for the sake of others, whether the public at large or a particular segment of the society.

  • Integrity

    PYF consistently adheres to honesty and accuracy in our actions with all stakeholders and the general public at large. Basic financial information, information disseminated about its work and the origin and use of its resources, governance, the listing of officers and partnerships are open to public scrutiny.

  • Transparency & Accountability

    PYF is accountable and answerable for its actions and decisions, primarily to make things better, to pursue excellence for the community it serves, to its funding agencies, staff and volunteers, members, partner organizations, and the public at large.

  • Creativity

    PYF is committed and willing to create valuable, useful new services, ideas, or processes for the diverse audiences it works within a complex social system. EP works by weaving together different dynamic social and economic elements to help the rural communities striving for change.

  • Collective Action & Excellence

    PYF values effective teamwork and collaboration when delivering sustainable solutions towards of aim. We strive to attain the highest standards in all that we do, and we are committed to collective action towards excellence.


Share happiness on friends/family's big day by giving them a unique gift, something that will grow with them! We encourage people to plant saplings to celebrate any occasion in their lives like or even in the memory of a loved one.

Our team Member

PRAYAS visualises to make all the hills around Aurangabad plastic free, clean and green in upcoming 10-15 years and the Goga Baba hill located in the university premises is considered as the commencement of this revolution.

Mr.Ravi Chaudhary Founder/President
Mrs.Shilpa Babre Vice-President
Mr.Laxman Hiwale Secretary
Mr.Ravi Gavande Joint Secretary
Mr.Sachin DaradeTreasurer
Mr.Anurang Dorle Board Member
Mr.Prashant Balankhe Board Member
Mr.Harshal Santram Board Member
Mr.Kunal ChoudharyBoard Member
Mr.dhanesh anil tantak Board Member
Mrs.Pallavi MuthaBoard Member
Mr.Sumeet Tirth Board Member
Mr.Sunil ShuklaBoard Member
Mr.Ulhas babare Board Member